Before travelling


Malex do Brasil has 100 metal and coded password cabinets  for passengers on long connections or who need to leave luggage or personal items for a short period of time.

The service is available on the Arrivals level, next to the parking payment booth.

For more information, contact the company directly at  +55 (61) 3364 9137.


Opening Hours

Daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. [After 8:00 pm, the lockers may be required at Grão Café, located in the landing floor.]


Daily rates



Medium locker

R$ 25.00

Large locker

R$ 50.00

Objects larger than the lockers may be stored in a unique space.



Up to 40 cm

R$ 25.00

40 cm to 50 cm

R$ 28.00

From 50 cm to 80 cm

R$ 30.00

80 cm to 1.50 m

R$ 60.00

Above 1.50 m

R$ 100.00

*The values ​​refer to the locker rental for up to 24 hours. That is, if the passenger uses the service for less than 24 hours, the amount charged will be the same.