The airport

About Brasília Airport


Inaugurated on May 3, 1957, even before the federal capital, Brasília Airport is since then an important center of the country connections. Today, one of the main hubs in South America, the Terminal carries over 19.8 million passengers annually.

In 2012, the administration of the entire airport site began to be performed by Inframerica. At the time, the Consortium began the first major works of renovation and expansion that Brasília Airport has ever received. Improvements and major structures of this stage were delivered in May 2014, after 18 months of uninterrupted work through the full operation of the terminal, then the 4th in moving the country passengers.

With the expansion work carried out to date, the Brasília Airport has established itself as the 2nd largest in Brazil in passenger handling it's the larger domestic hub with a capacity for up to 21 million travelers annually.  The total terminal area increased from 60,000 m² to 110,000 m² - an increase of 45% - and taxiways and runways were reformed and, together, add up to 300 000 m² today.

Another important improvement was the increase of 67% in the courtyard capacity totaling 70 parking positions for aircrafts, of which 29 are boarding bridges - which helped to decrease to less than 20% of operations in remote locations.

The runway capacity has also increased and is now the largest in the country and can operate up to one flight per minute. Furthermore, the airfield is the only in South America to operate independent simultaneous parallel runways. That is, only in Brasília aircraft can land and take off at the same time in both runs.

But the growth was not merely structural. Services have improved, trading options has increased and diversified and the airport has become an example of modernity and air efficiency.

With continuous investments in technology and security, Inframérica increasingly seeks to improve the experience of everyone. Shared check-in counters were introduced, reducing queues and speeding up the boarding process. The most modern fire trucks and new X-ray equipment were purchased, improving air safety terminal further. And all Inframérica staff from various operations, are trained and aim to provide the best, safest and most efficient experience of the Brazilian civil aviation.

"The achievements and positions that the terminal has been showing during the years of the concession, confirm that investing in an audacious project is on target planned. Inframérica believed in the potential of the airport and is transforming the space into one of the most modern in the country"

- Daniel Ketchibachian, President Inframerica.

Brasília Airport is the ...

  • 2nd largest Brazilian Terminal (in passenger handling)
  • 3rd largest in the country (in international passenger traffic)
  • 4th largest in Latin America (in passenger handling)
  • Terminal with the longest runway capacity in Brazil
  • Terminal with the best VIP Room in Latin America - according to the Priority Pass ranking
  • Only one in South America to operate independent simultaneous parallel tracks

The grant

  • Beginning on December 1, 2012
  • Contract 25 years
  • Total planned investment of R$ 2.85 billion
  • Investment of R$ 900 million to the 2014 World Cup - and R$ 1.5 billion by the end of the same year.
  • Airport capacity increased from 15 to 21 million passengers/year
  • Passenger capacity/year expected to 41 million by the last phase

The Terminal in numbers (2015)

  • 15,531 takeoffs and landings/month or 510 per day (on average)
  • 186,377 movements in the year
  • 54,000 passengers/day (on average) - Boarding (26.9%), Landings (26.2%) and Connections (46.9%)
  • 712,000 international passengers in the year - a 14% increase compared to 2014
  •  9,2 million passengers in connection
  • 19,8 million passengers - an increase of 9% compared to 2014

General Information

South Pier

North Pier

17 months of work (beginning in December 2012 and ending in April 2014)

12 months of work (beginning in May 2013 and ending in May 2014)

40,000 m²

25,000 m²

10 boarding bridges

8 boarding bridges

3 sets of crawlers, covering 144 m in length, and 2 pairs in the Connector - structure connecting the main body to South Pier - covering 96 m extension

2 sets of crawlers, covering 92 m extension

11 outlets

11 outlets

VIP Rooms

Domestic VIP room of 1,500 sqm [in operation since March 2014]

International VIP Room [completed in August 2015]


2 parallel runways 3,200 m x 45 m (11L/29R) and 3.300 m x 45 m (11R/29L)

Airport Category

Category E - enabled to operate with 777-200 type aircraft

Aircraft Patio Area

300,000 m²

Passenger Terminal 1

110,000 m²

Passenger Terminal 2

3,300 m²

Remote Aircraft Locations

41 positions

Boarding Bridges

29 fingers (TPS 1)

Treadmills for Luggage Restitution

12 new - 7 inclined (Domestic Arrivals) and 5 flat (International Arrival)


85 outlets in operation


3,300 spaces in total