Before travelling

Traveling with Children

If you are travelling with children, pay attention to the documentation required for each type of trip. Be aware that there are differences in authorizations for domestic and international flights, as well as for children accompanied by one or none of the legal guardians.

If you have any doubt, seek guidance on the Childhood and Youth Court in the Airport, in the office of the Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories (TJDFT), located in Terminal 1 mezzanine.

The service is held daily from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm. Contact via +55 (61) 3364 9477.


Domestic Flights

For the boarding of children under 12, a birth certificate (original or certified copy) is required or an underage ID Card, a special documentation:

i) If the child is traveling with family, there is no need for judicial authorization, provided that proven kinship.

ii) In the case of unaccompanied trips or third-party company, it is mandatory filing a judicial authorization along with documentation (certificate or ID) of the minor. This authorization may be made in the Children and Youth Court, registered by parents - or responsible ones - through private document notarized for authenticity or similarity. Moreover, it is also required an Unaccompanied Minor Travel Authorization. A form template can be obtained from travel agencies or the shops and sites of the Airline Companies. The recommendation is that the authorization is printed in 03 vias: one will be with the child and the other on the first and final destination Airports. 


International Flights

The rules for international flights with children differ a few of the requirements for domestic flights. In addition to a valid passport, court authorization is required to children and adolescents between 0 and 17 years old traveling unaccompanied or in the company of only one parent or another family member.

The document must be delivered to the Airline in 02 originals, with a term of validity stipulated by whom authorizes (parents, guardians or custodians). The International Travel Authorization form is available on the site of the National Council of Justice (CNJ) [in Portuguese] or the Federal Police website [in Portuguese].

Note: The presentation of this judicial authorization is not required when the child or adolescent is traveling with both parents.